Sending Us Files

For sending most files to use email works great.  As long as the file(s) is less than 15MB it should come through just fine.  If your file(s) are too large to send via email, use our uploader form or use a cloud storage file sharing service.

To email Kalispell Copy Center files, please choose from the following email addresses:

Plans –
Use when sending construction documents or other large format printning
Copies –
Use when sending small format printing, such as flyers and business cards
Signs –
Use when emailing artwork for signs or other sign-design related files.

For sending us files that are too large to email us the bellow form.  Include instructions in the message section.

If your files are too large to email  (greater than 15 megabytes) using one of many popular cloud storage options is a fast and easy way to send us files.  Kalispell Copy Center will happily accept links to files and folders from any of the many popular cloud storage service, including: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and many more.

Once you have an account setup with the Cloud Storage service of your choice, follow the instructions of your chosen service to upload the file(s)/folder(s) and create a share link.  Then paste the link into an email and email it to the appropriate email address listed in our E-Mail section, with instructions and contact information.

Yeah we do that too


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