Kalispell Copy Center offer setup, layout, and graphic design service to our customer.  Let our experience team create the perfect flyer, business card or sign for you.

Setup and Graphic Design

Current setup and graphic design rate is $45/hour, billed in 5 minute blocks.  Minimum charges is $7.50.  Rate is subject to change without notice.

Payment and Deposit

Payment is usually dew upon completion of work.  In some cases a deposit may be required or payment may be requested part way through the design process.  Either is usually only requested on particularly long and/or complex design projects

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You may cancel your request for graphic design or setup work at any time.  The cost of the current work (at our currently hourly rate) will still be required.

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All graphic design and setup quote’s are estimates.  Graphic design and setup are price at a per hour rate, charged in 5 minute blocks, therefore we are estimating the time it will take to complete your project.  We will do our absolute best to match our understanding of your vision in the time we estimated you.  Many revisions, multiple minor tweaks, introducing more elements, etc can all increase the amount of setup time, and therefore the cost.  We will do our best to keep you appraised on a running total of how much setup time we have into your job at every proofing stage.

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Images & Stock Photos

We work with a gallery of stock images and clip art to help with your layout and graphic design projects.  Optionally, customers can provide there own artwork.  In some cases additional licensing fees may be required for certain stock images or clip art.  You will be advised of these charges before we use such artwork.

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Our Portfolio

We reserve the right to use your layout or design work as examples for our customers.  We often show customers past designs to help get ideas flowing as to what style they are looking for.  We also reserve the right to post images of your layout or design work or project on our website and/or social media outlets. (aka Free Advertising for you)  If this is not agreeable to you please notify us in writing.

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Once design or setup work is paid for in full it is the property of the customer.  You can request a copy to be sent to you by email, burned to a CD/DVD or saved onto a portable drive (USB drive, SD Card, External Hard drive).  Until setup charges are paid in full the designs and/or layouts are owned by Kalispell Copy Center and may not be used in any way.

If you choose to use stock images or graphics in your layout or design work we will try not to use the same images for other customers in the same industry, but we cannot guarantee it.

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Abandoned Projects

A project will be considered abandoned if we have not heard from you in 20 days.  We will do our best to stay in touch with you can get your project completed as soon as possible.  If a project is considered abandoned we will required payment for any setup or design work already put into the job.  You may not use any designs or setups we created until setup fees are paid in full.

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Proofs will be provided on all original setups and changes.  Proofs are normally emailed unless requested to see a hard proof or if we are trying to color match, a hard proof is required.  The customer is responsible for the final proof of all projects.

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Proofing Hold

Once you are contacted that your proof is ready for viewing (either via email or phone) your job will be put on hold until the proof is either approved in writing or revisions are requested.  If we do not hear from you within 20 days your project will be considered abandoned.

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Proof Revisions

We will do our best to match our understanding of your vision before we have your initial proof ready, but we understand that revisions are a part of the design process.  We will happily make whatever revisions or modifications you request to your project, but they are subject to our standard graphic design and setup rate.  Once revisions are complete a new proof will be submitted to you for you to approve or make additional changes to.  We will do our best to keep you appraised of the total setup time we have invested in your project when sending you proofs.

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Color Matching and Color Fidelity

Monitors do not always display colors that match the finished printed product, and printing on different media with different printers can modify the hue of colors.  If color matching or color fidelity are a concern we can usually provide you with a hard copy proof printed on the media we are to use for the finished product.  Special orders or special order media may be an exception to this or require an additional fee, as would some premium media.

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Proof Approval

Proofs must be approved in writing.  If the proof was emailed to you, replying to our email with your approval is perfectly acceptable.  If emailing is not an option, we can also fax you an approval form.  Otherwise we would need you to sign off on the project in person.  Once written approval is received (either via fax, email or in person) we will begin production on your project.

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Changes After Proof is Approved

If changes are made after the proof is approved, the cost for any reprinting or other labor that needs to be redone will be charged to the customer, regardless of the changes.  The customer is responsible for the final proofing.

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Opting Out of Proofing

In some cases you can opt out of proofing your project before production begins.  In these cases we will do our best produce the product as you have explained it to us.  But, you as the customer are responsible for paying for the finished product and setup, regardless of the outcome.

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